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Zhongshan express, international express, Zhongshan, Zhongshan Express
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Our company is an international express delivery ---- Fujian Asia Co., Ltd.,Short title: MYEX (Min …
Our company is an international express delivery ---- Fujian Asia Co., Ltd.,
Short title: MYEX (Min Asia Express) is the Ministry of Commerce approved the establishment of international freight agency,
Express professional integration of resources to provide you with professional, efficient and secure international express delivery, international air transport services,
Our professional management and staff team will do its best to provide you with an international express and international air transport so satisfactory solution.
Our services include:
Self-Express line:
MYEX (Min Asia) International Express: There has been opened in the Middle East, the United States, Southeast Asia, Europe, South Africa, Australia and other countries and regions, with a strong timeliness and price advantage!
Issued on behalf of the brand international courier lines:
1, DHL International Express: advantages of aging fast, safe, reliable, and complete trajectory;
2, UPS International Express: advantage of the United States and Central and South America, aging fast and cheap;
3, FEDEX international courier: advantage lies in Southeast Asia and the United States, aging fast, great for the price is cheap;
4, TNT International Express: advantages of documents and Europe, aging fast and cheap;
5, EMS International Express: advantage lies in the calculation is simple and inexpensive, but the limitation in general.
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