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DHL DHL-Sinotrans International Parts Operation
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Waybill is a proof of the carriage of goods, correctly and completely fill out the consignment is t…

Waybill is a proof of the carriage of goods, correctly and completely fill out the consignment is to ensure that the goods sent on time and accurately the necessary conditions for the waybill correctness and completeness of the information is directly related to the export of goods, transport and deliver. If the consignment note filled non-standard, will result in delays of goods, but also to send, to close both sides suffer unnecessary losses. Therefore, please make sure you customers required a careful fill in waybill information. Thank you cooperation!

1, DHL waybill fill in:
1) The sender of information (can be filled or not filled):
A, the sender name of B, the sender address / company name C, the sender postal code D, the sender phone number
2) The recipient information:
A, the recipient account (to pay for items required) B, company name C, the recipient address of D, Postal Code / Country
E, Contact / Phone / Mobile Number
3) The express delivery information:
A, the total number of B, the total weight of C, volume size
4) A detailed description of the goods delivered:
In accordance with the invoice completed in English and Chinese names, a single volume / total quantity, unit price / total (USD), in English and Chinese Name Translation of the meaning to be consistent, avoid the use of parts, accessories, clothing and so forth.
5) Write to duty / tax payment method:
Must be stopped to pay the tariff hook note --- the recipient, if there is no explanation, then the default destination for customs duties paid by the recipient.

2, according to Chinese customs express categories of goods regulatory requirements, express type of goods in accordance with its value in four categories:
A class: do not have any commercial value documents;
B: mean value of 500 yuan less than the sample type of goods;
C class: refers to the value of 500 yuan more than 5,000 yuan less than the sample type of goods;
Class D: refers to the value of more than 5000 yuan of goods.
Notes: B, C category express the need to provide original invoices issued Devices, D class, express, express agent, upon request, copies provide verification of export receipts and contracts, packing lists and other documents of general trade goods, import and export declarations. If the goods belonging to the local state regulations within the scope of the export license management products, express agent should also provide an export license and inspection certificate (light industrial products).

3, freight payment method: prepaid DHL and DHL to pay
1) prepaid DHL: Shipping costs paid by the sender.
2) to pay for DHL: Shipping costs paid by the addressee or a third party account. DHL account number to pay for global harmonization of 95 or 96 at the beginning of the nine digits. Temporary to pay (no account to pay) is paid by the recipient receiving freight, require the sender and the recipient's information integrity.

4, weight and dimensions of the problem:
1) express courier billing based on actual weight of the weight (gross) and volume weight compared to whichever is the greater of the set. Volume weight is calculated using the longest X express the widest X High / 5000 concludes that in order to centimeters (cm) as the unit of measurement, less than 1 cm into the bit for the next 1 1 cm length, such as express the actual weight was 29.5 kg, express size 45.1X66.3X59.9, then the volume weight is calculated as 46X67X60/5000 = 37 kg, the actual weight and size of the weight of an integrated billing draw weight of 31 kilograms.
2) No weight limit in most countries, generally a single piece weighing no more than 100KG, L * W * H "= 2.9 meters, such as more than 2.9 meters is required booking arrangements for aircraft storage.
3) To focus on: Algeria, Nigeria, Tunisia and Syria, the size and weight restrictions, the four countries of the volume to not more than 118 * 88 * 120; Algeria express a single-piece weight of no more than 40KG, other cities have no service Remarks: HOLD FOR PICK UP (recipient's self-mention); Nigeria Express single ticket or single-piece weight of no more than 50KG; Tunisia Express, single-vote weight of no more than 40KG, single-piece weight of no more than 30KG; Syria Express single ticket or single-piece weight must not More than 15KG.

5, Brazil, some provisions of the Customs:
1) Brazil Tax: parcels sent to Brazil must provide the recipient company or the recipient's tax ID, the Brazilian Customs will require the recipient through the recipient company or the local Inland Revenue tax registration number for the collection of value-added tax. Brazil's VAT (VAT-Value Added Tax) number is divided into the following two types: A, CNPJ (Company -XX.XXX.XXXXX/XXXX-XX) B, CPF (Private - XXX.XXX / XX.XXX). From the beginning in March 2006, the Brazilian Customs import parcels of 100% inspection, if the absence of the above provisions of the consignment note and INVOICE indicate on VAT (VAT-Value Added Tax) number,
Brazil Customs will automatically return the shipment to the hair piece, the return of the related costs paid by the hair pieces side.
2) Brazil recipient address, city name and Zip code must correspond to exist in the DHL service guide book. Such as the city name and Zip Code do not correspond to, for example: DHL service guide books on the city name of recipient, but no recipient address written by zip code, then the recipient address is in a DDP (duty paid by the hair pieces side) service area, then the copies before the need to transport a single labeled DDP. If the consignment does not indicate DDP, then, express mail will be returned directly arranged by the local customs made items, the return of the related costs paid by the hair pieces side.

6 Name the declaration:
Unknown Common Name: clothes, accessories, jewelry, (Li) samples, toys, tools, ceramics, clothing, tableware, mold, printed matter, etc., which are not in conformity with local customs requirements. Therefore, the customer must declare prior to shipment of the goods in detail or specific name of the image. For example: clothes --- have to specifically declared as male / female T-shirt / T-shirts, pants, skirts, underwear, etc.; --- shall be declared as ceramic cups, bottles, dishes and so on. Description of goods, quantity and reporting Price (USD) to be one correspondence. In addition, the models do the goods name, high (low) to declare the value of goods or omitted to declare the goods, etc.
Will lead to local customs clearance delays, or fasteners.

7, special commodity shipping requirements:
1) The package sent to Russia: As Russian Customs requires that all parcels must appear in person to the addressee, the import customs clearance, so only accept packages arriving in Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg, two cities, but the file is not affected.
2) sent to the United States of textiles: the goods must be marked on the pen with the big head "SAMPLE" word, or the cutting samples, and on the invoice "MARKED SAMPLE" or "MUTILATED" word. If the textile component of 100% SILK, you do not need to do above processing, but must be accompanied with the goods, "proof of silk goods." For more than 3KG textiles quota if the sender is provided with the goods that transit through or send in the sample covered with "MAKED SAMPLE" chapters, cut holes or oil does not fade in the textile pen to write the "SAMPLE" words, then the usually smooth customs clearance. Otherwise, Express might buckle at the local customs,
Led to express back to the payment or destroyed.
3) sent to the United States of glasses: glasses transit by DHL, the need to provide "Bubble test to prove"; by DHL to send food to the United States (including tea), the need for FDA to prove.
4) Shoes: Some countries do not allow dual Chupin finished shoes, for example: South Africa, Italy and so on. For dual shoe exports, the soles need to play a hole of about one centimeter in diameter, or a single export only.
5) lighter: the need to ensure contains no gas, and to provide "no-gas-proof" and "outbound cargo transport packaging performance test results of a single" (original).
6) Japanese customs will inspect imported fur products and request an invoice with the goods must be specified in detail the composition and description of goods, such as: leather handbags, plastic gloves, shoes and so on. This rule for the wallets, belts, gloves, jacket, coat, shoes and sandals, etc. apply.
7) Nigeria does not accept imports of textiles (1:00 textiles are not acceptable).

8, fumigation to prove: any country does not allow logs or wood packaging articles. Generally refers to wood packaging used for packaging, bedding, support, reinforcement of material goods, such as wooden boxes, wooden crate, wooden pallet, mat storage timber, casks, wooden mat side, sleepers, timber liner, wooden shaft, Mu Xi so. In international trade, countries to protect their own resources, and some imported goods compulsory quarantine system. Fumigation of wood packaging is to prevent harmful diseases and insect pests of forest resources against the importing country as a coercive measures taken. Therefore, the export of wooden packaging containing the goods,
Must be shipped on wood packaging material prior to the elimination of pests treatment, fumigation is a way of pesticide treatment. After fumigation, fumigation are required to ask for a certificate of Commodity Inspection Bureau. Fumigation certificates are valid for 21 days.

9, E-mail Address: POBOX recipient address with the word appears. United States, Australia and New Zealand, three countries do not accept the customs of express mail addresses.

10, DHL by the local state's policy limits: Palestine, Turkmenistan is no service.

11, methods of compensation: If the goods are fragile materials (such as ceramic, carton, glass, etc.), please sender self-packed well, such as during transport damage, loss or recipient rejection, and so on, I am the Secretary for no responsibility!
Free shipping for this ticket package is lost, compensation declared value, the maximum not exceeding USD: 100. Free shipping for this ticket files are missing, the maximum compensation USD: 20. Such as damaged goods, according to level of compensation for damage, example: a shipment of four votes, of which one is damaged, the compensation method is: to avoid a quarter of the freight for this ticket, compensation one fourth of the declared value, the maximum does not exceed USD : 100.

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